Monday, August 30, 2010

wedding 1.

after moving up here two days after our wedding, life has been rather nuts.
my apologies. i've missed you all, and blogging so much. that you've seen the video
i'm going to start officially re-capping the whole day. so excited!

getting ready:

once we finally got to the venue and started the whole process of getting ready
it all hit me and felt so real, especially when i put my big, cloudy dress on.
my lovely friend janelle did my make-up, thank goodness.
and i did my hair. i wanted to keep it simple.
tec was there capturing each moment and my gorgeous maidens were getting dressed.

it all felt so i was in a dream. but i'd never felt more calm.
then when it was time to line up and head down the aisle, i had major butterflies.
gosh, when i saw him though. that was the best.

all photos via (family and friends on facebook)
ceremony coming up next!


  1. you look amazing! you did a fabulous job with your hair! My sis did my makeup and hair. It was nice to spend those moments with friends and family instead of vendors

  2. totally! and the girl who did my make up i've known for years!! so much fun

  3. I LOVE your dress!! who is it by? :)



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