Wednesday, August 18, 2010


we made it to oregon
the wedding was incredible and i cannot wait to fill you all in
i will be back to regular posting soon
but for now, while we get settled
here is our wedding preview video done by canavp
miss you all

or watch it here


  1. Oh my. That video is so gorgeous I feel sort of overwhelmed. I love that you both had messages to each other and that you both got shaky and teary-eyed and wobbly-voiced while doing so. There was just so much love. I hope my wedding day, my life, is filled with that much love. So beautiful. So beautiful.

    P.S. The hand bump at the altar was win.

  2. oh wow... like huge wow. like i cried wow...lil tears fell down my cheeks at your joy! i'm guess your wedding will be the next BIGGIE to hit the web - it's all kinds of inspirational and dreamy and unique and beautiful. i've loved following your journey!!

    (the fist pump during the ceremony was a darling to capture on film!)

  3. um your so gorg... congrats again lovely!!


  4. beautiful ladies
    thank you for the sweet comments
    the fist pump was my favorite ;-)

  5. Ah you guys are like movie stars, what a sweet sweet day captured, that is an amazing place and the messages to each other at the beginning were so sweet and touching...tears! lovely!

  6. What a beautiful wedding! Such a gorgeous couple!

  7. your video made me weepy! you look so gorgeous! congrats on what I'm sure was an amazing day!

  8. Tears are rolling down my cheeks right now. Rachael & Noah- you are so special, and amazing and seriously inspiring. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I know your life together will be beautiful!!! Best of luck to you in Oregon!! All my love...xoxox

  9. This is flipping fantastic - you guys are gorgeous! Couple crush for sure. This video makes me SO jealous that we didn't have a videographer. What an amazing way to capture that moment forever.

  10. Gorgeous! I la-la-loved it. Congratulations!



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