Thursday, March 10, 2011

venue thursday.

a georgia bride contacted me looking for some unique venues that were in her budget
i set out to find a few and came across one i absolutely love
i seriously can't get enough of bride's asking for venues in specific locations- its so helpful and i get to help them (hopefully) along the way. so thank you!
anyway, here is a georgia venue for you to swoon over:

via (artpinney)

the cotton barn is a breath of fresh air amongst a lot of the southern houses that are used for so many of the weddings in georgia. don't get me wrong, those houses are exquisite. but there's just something about this place that caught my eye. its property is covered in acres of pecan trees. it has indoor and outdoor spaces for your wedding/event and a restored barn. love it.

location:  Fort Valley, GA
price range: still waiting to hear back :)
capacity: up to 250


  1. Love Love Love the new look! So pretty and bigger photos! What more could we ask for... Oh yeah I know... MORE!!!! Keep posting! I love seeing all the American beauty, whilst sitting in cold dam England!

  2. We looked into getting married here - it looked so beautiful! I can send you the venue spreadsheet I made if you want the info we were quoted.

    We're getting married at Sundown Farms Plantation in Moultrie, GA (see link in comment header), but Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville is also gorgeous!

  3. It looks magical! Loving the new header/layout btw. Very snazzy ;) xo



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