Tuesday, August 3, 2010

pride and joy.

i share this pride with miss a mountain bride
the pride for my programs that me, my in-laws, katie, and the copier at fedex/kinkos worked so hard on.

i knew i wanted fans, so i went online to search for them.
when i found the program fans, i was so so disappointed to see that they were $400+ for 150 of them. WHAT!?!??! really? come on wedding world. $400 for paper on sticks? hmm.
so i set out to make them myself.

thank goodness for katie's beautiful handwriting, first of all.
cost to print/copy at fedex/kinkos- $30
scalloped scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue- free because i already had them
tongue depressors- free because katie already had some (gem).
so...$30 and a day to assemble with a lot of family help, so worth it. much better than $400.
and they fan beautifully ;-)

and thank goodness they are done with only a week and a half to go.


  1. perfect fans/programs.

    oregon friends we shall be. come visit anytime you're up, i'm one mimosa deep, i'll have another for you!

  2. Seriously...can I come to your wedding just to take pictures or hide in the bushes so I can see all your beautiful DIY's first hand? Your venue is my favorite too!

  3. a-maz-ing job!!! all these details are so lovely!!!

  4. they look fantastic! I am also super impressed that you saved 300 something dollars making them yourself!



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