Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY:riley and kimberly.

hello darlins' 
hope your thursday morning is going beautifully.
i promised you photos of the projects i've been working on and i am ready to deliver.
i have been working like a mad-woman finishing these things up for kimberly and riley
seeing as i'm leaving for their colorado affair next weekend and i'm so so excited to put this together.
their midsummer night's dream, shakespearean, tree inspired wedding is going to be a blast. 

i'm going to share photos mostly rather than DIY tutorials but if you have any questions about how-to's feel free to email me- if there's one that stands out to you lovelies, let me know and i'll do one later on ;)

kind of hard to make out, but these are their "branded" favor bags
 (burlap bags, custom stamp)

been spray-paintin' away. you'll have to wait to see the completed project next week but...
 (tan burlap, metallic gold spray paint, sweet folky stencils-from michaels)

remember these?

well they turned into these
 (mossy green burlap, vintage gold frames, stencils and spray paint)

can't throw a party without a good mustache, right?

got a little too into this one- ps can you see the gold spray paint on my fingers?!? serious spray-paintin.
(thick felt, skinny dowels, fabric shears, hot glue) 

and finally, one of my favorites-a flower girl crown of purple buds.
 (gold ribbon, dried purple buds, wrapped wire, hot glue)

ps-their amazing invites which i completely forgot to share
designed by my best friend alexandria
water-colored by the bride and bridesmaids

disclaimer: sorry for all the different photo filters. 
i know what i'm asking santa for this christmas-a really nice camera.

happy day! almost the weekend!!!


  1. first off, LOVE your haircut!!

    second off, LOVE these projects!! keep 'em coming!!

  2. This looks like it's going to be a very fun wedding! Great DIY's!

    xo L.

  3. Wow, great job my friend - love them all!

  4. These look brilliant! I love the signs and the flower girl crown - so pretty!

  5. Racheal, Im so excited to see all of this come together, I know its going to be amazing!

    On another note, Im moving home to Carlsbad! If you ever need help another set of hands, I would be happy to help you! Zachariah and I would love to see you guys!!

    xo, Brittan

  6. Wowzers. The cuteness of the crown.

    (Can't take my eyes of the stationery either!)



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