Monday, August 15, 2011

monday delights.

happy monday!!!
start of a new week-what have you all got up for this week!???
i've got an engagement shoot-TOMORROW and I leave for colorado this weekend for a wedding.
here are some pretty things to help start you off!

 somebody please buy me this-via (100layercake) marketplace.

 this photo makes me want to keep my hair short
via (fygh)

 but since i am growing it out again-what do you think of this? ombre love.
via (fygh)

 romantic and whimsical farm wedding via (100layercake)

 pretty baby's breath-pretty calligraphy. 
via (SMP)

i literally gasped when i saw this escort card
plus the understated, beautiful ceremony arbor.
love it all via (loveandlavender)


  1. Short hair is adorable! If I could have it without looking 12, I would. And you're in, lady? It's a date then. Flea Markets here we come! After you get back from your crazy traveling that is...

  2. I love that wedding with the white umbrellas.. And that last picture, it is soo great.



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