Friday, August 12, 2011

one year.

this weekend is the anniversary of the best day of my life

mr. hershman,
one year of marriage, five years together
and i'm still as crazy about you as i ever was in the beginning
i love you handsome.

have a lovely weekend everybody!


  1. your wedding was seriously one of the most amazing days ever. loved it.

    happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations and many many year of future happiness!

  3. Congrats and happy anniversary - love you guys!

  4. Happy Anniversary lovely lady!
    I still can not get over how beautiful this video is, such a stunning wedding!

    Whenever any friends of mine are getting married i always say you have to check out this wedding video for inspiration! So apologies if you have many copy-cat weddings here in Scotland!! HaHa! X

  5. A year already, so crazy! Congrats you beautiful people!

  6. Happy anniversary! This is such a beautiful video to look back at. Hope you had a lovely day celebrating.xo



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