Monday, August 1, 2011

monday delights.

good morning. get some caffeine in your system? i still need mine. well i spent some time perusing around the world wide web this weekend and this morning to bring you these lovely delights and help you get through the first day of the work week:

 go check out this south african beauty via (benblood)

 doily necklace-seriously? a-mazing 
via (BHLDN)

 speaking of BHLDN...real live bride wearing a wedding dress from them.
gorgeous. right?
also sweet wedding photography via (threenails) via (SMP)

wedding cake pinata- i'm a big fan of any pinata at a wedding. who says they're just for kid's parties anymore anyway?
via (ruffled)

couple of modern-day dapper babes. 
via (pinterest)

have a great monday! 


  1. Thanks for making my monday even better, I hope you enjoyed your day, too.

  2. Wedding cake pinata - love that!



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