Tuesday, June 14, 2011

wedding profile: riley and kimberly.

it's about 70 days or so out now for a wedding i'm doing in colorado 
and i am getting so so excited to put everything together for this amazing couple
originally we had planned on doing a sort of rustic/vintage inspired affair with lots of candlelight and some tree inspiration here and there...

well we've kept the candlelight but now the wedding has become much more whimsical- incorporating green leaves all over, hanging flowering trees for their backdrop and moss, lots and lots of it.
almost like a midsummer night's dream (without costumes-that might be taking it a little too far)
now the theme has become a dreamy, vintage, lace, tree inspired extravaganza and i cannot wait to share the final product with all of you once its all put together. 

here is their inspiration board i've been working on via pinterest

and the lovely couple:

i'm totally stoked to work with the killer wedding photography duo of weheartphotography on riley and kimberly's big day. these two deserve such a special day, they are two wonderful and humble people who are just beside themselves to get to spend the rest of their lives with each other.
how cute are they!?!? and how incredible is her ring? (an antique 1920s dream!)

i'll definitely be sharing projects this summer as i gear up for their august nuptials-so keep an eye out for some DIY action!
have a lovely tuesday!


  1. Love the inspiration! It's gonna be amazing.

  2. love this!!! can't wait to see the end result... your blog is so fun! xo

  3. Can't wait to see your DIY posts leading up to this wedding! Amazing vintage ring she's got. :-)



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