Thursday, June 23, 2011

venue thursday.

i know this is a-(nother) california venue, but it's also one of my all time favorites
i found it when i was looking for venues for our wedding but it was too far from home
i swear, every wedding i see at this place is to-die-for
feast away beauties:

acres and acres of land for ceremony, reception and photos?
rustic old farmhouse filled to the brim with antiques
-that can sleep your wedding party?
yes please.
 photography via (maxwanger) via (greenweddingshoes)

photo found via (googleimages)

location: los olivos, california
capacity: 200+

one more day til the weekend!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Do you know of any similar venues a little closer to north san diego?? That is AMAZING!

  2. beautiful

  3. !!!!!!! I feel the EXACT same way. I was seriously trying to talk my fiance into having our wedding there, but sadly it just wasn't realistic. I have seen a lot of weddings shot here by Jose Villa.. AMAZING! :)



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