Monday, July 19, 2010


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i made an appointment to get a bikini wax for the wedding
i'm sort of terrified.
please help me know what to expect...ready, go.


  1. wish I could help but it scares the beejeezus out of me too

  2. you'll be fine...yes, it will hurt, and the second side hurts the worse. but the pain will be gone in like 10 minutes and you will be really happy you did it. then you'll be addicted and go ever month like me :) ask your estitian (sp? ha!) what you can do to help it heal fastest or what to do if you are in pain, which you shouldnt be....have fun!

  3. I haven't been brave enough to have that adventure yet. Let us know how it goes?

  4. hurt like a b*tch. seriously....for like a second. but i couldn't stop laughing (umm...I threw in a few choice cuss words too) it was nervous laughter, and it was hella awkward...not gonna lie. especially then they go for the rear. But then - it's over! And it RULES. Like...rules. I wish I could afford that jazz for more than just my wedding! hahaha!

  5. amazing. the pain stings but you won't want to cry by any means. just grit your teeth. youll be obsessed with your vagina afterwards and never want to go back to the razor. thats a promise.

  6. GIRL, i can't believe you've never been waxed..... once u wax, you never go back. hurts like hell but a million times worth it. I go for the cheap, older pros in West La, $25 and I'm like a newborn. TMI? ah, well. good luck chickadee ow owwwww

  7. totally worth it. it's only awkward for you if you let it be, those women have waxed hundreds (HUNDREDS) of people, so you're nothing special to them. usually they're pretty good about walking you through it! you just take off your panties, lay on a table, they do their magic, and you're done. whala!

    you'll be fine! it's all in reading the reviews and finding someone good.



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