Friday, July 16, 2010

finds for friday.

so, i'm thinking about starting a post weekly: "finds for friday"
where i share thrift store or swap meet finds that i come across
for now they are mostly ones i will use for the wedding
but oregon, they will probably be for the home we put together
what do you guys think?

here are this week's:
last sunday, i was walking through the maze that is the Rosebowl swap meet and passed stacks upon stacks of these massive tan books. as i looked a bit closer, i realized that they were books of newspaper articles from the New York Times. oh goodness. i died. then i grabbed one from 1946 which had prints from Aug. 1-15 ( including my wedding date).
i'm going to use it for my guest book!
lastly, my old door. i have an old window that i had previously bought to use for the seating at the wedding. i knew i needed either another window or a big old wooden door.
problem: everyone wants to sell old doors for WAY TOO MUCH $$$
i had given up my dream until i came across the same gentleman at the same swap meet who had sold me my window. cost for an old door: $30 way better than $100-200


  1. love that you're using an old archive of newspapers for your guest book, are you covering parts of the pages? can't wait to see what you do with it.

    and the doily table runners- gorgeous!!
    checking things off the list! congrats!


  2. still super jealous of the door. i'm in love with it.



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