Wednesday, July 14, 2010

one month.

(ceremony spot)

it is go time:

-finish collecting plates
-finish collecting flatware
-make favors
-finish muslin bags
-finish sewing doily runners
-plan out/pack guest book, favor, present, appetizer tables
-print out family recipe cards for dessert table
-make sign for guestbook table, card picnic basket and dessert table
-sign for bar

coming up: floral mock-up this weekend, final dress fitting next weekend

i know i'm forgetting things...but all i can think about is getting to marry this handsome
in just a few weeks and starting our new life in OR



  1. one month!!! wooo! our date is 1 day after yours. I am definitely feeling the pinch too. Your wedding will be amazing!!!!

  2. yayy we are getting married in the same weekend! so fun!!!



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