Saturday, May 29, 2010

project 1: update.

finished a few more of the table numbers!
for #4- my mom found my grandma's old sewing box and it had a bunch of these awesome buttons inside
and i'm pretty sure #4 and #7 are my favorite so far...

i hope you all have an awesome memorial day
i'm going to be making a KILLER devil's food cake from this recipe i came across on the world wide web for a memorial day celebration on monday
i'll be posting the recipe upon completion! (trust me, you're gonna want it)

and finally, a quick shout out to miss Jes from AMountainBride who is getting married today!
and miss BridalHood who is also getting married today!
so excited for you both
happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love your table number creations! #4 and #7 are my favs too!

  2. Okay, probably my MOST favorite thing you created are these table numbers! LOOOOOOVE THEM ALL!



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