Monday, May 17, 2010

marriage license.

folks...i need your help.
i need information on how best to go about getting your marriage license and
changing your name in the lovely state of california

thank you!!!


  1. hi love! i think that you have to get the lisence in the county where you are getting married...that is such a lovely process :)you have to start with your social security card first and then go from there. oh, and be sure to have soemone mail the lisence in for you while you are on your honeymoon. you have to request a copy of it now too fyi :) so much i know...

  2. I'm almost positive you both have to be present to file for your marriage license. Usually you get it at the County Clerks Office in the county where you are getting married and it is good for 90 days.
    And as far as mailing that in your officiant takes care of that for you and a wedding coordinator will make sure the officiant knows that before the ceremony. So, basically, we've got that covered for you guys :-) You'll want to order copies of that also which can be done at the time you send it in. They will give you the forms you need when you apply for your license.
    For changing your name you have to go to the social security office and have a certified copy of your marriage license. Also you have to go to dmv. And do credit cards and all that other stuff too.

    Sorry - that was a lot of info. It's what I do...

  3. as far as the name change :

    i hear that this is the way to do it

    it has everything you need to do all in one place and apparently saves you about $30



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