Thursday, December 24, 2009

wedding shoes

These SHOES!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I can't even stand them. I'm ordering them TO-DAY.

image via (oncewed)

Thank you Vivienne Westwood for your incredibly delightful little treats for our feet.
These will look way too good with my wedding dress! And thank you oncewed for opening my eyes to them!

Finding these inspired me to search for many more shoe delights. I have seen so many brides with so many wonderful shoe choices. And considering my photographer, Tec Petaja, who is known for taking pictures of the feet/shoes of the bride and groom, I knew it would be essential to find some truly fun and unique shoes. Here are some fun delights I stumbled upon:

flats: for those of us who have tinier future husbands (such as myself), or maybe just want to be comfy on our big day.

all images via (anthropologie)


for the neutral toned bride
for the new years eve bride

for the classy bride

TREND I LOVE: Brides with boots!!!!

image via (anthropologie)
image via (anthropologie)

yummy. hope they inspired you to get out there and find your perfect shoes.

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