Friday, July 1, 2011

weddings and family.

have any of you noticed how everyone seems to go a little a-wall around weddings
like crazy

i mean really, everyone's stress can be heightened. including yours as the couple.
i definitely experienced my fair share of this during our own wedding and was thinking about it this morning so i thought i'd offer a little advice i picked up along the way:

don't you sweat it. people can be selfish and dramatic and downright awful around the biggest day for you and your partner. they can make it about them, or cause a scene, or totally lag on things you've asked them to help with. but let's be honest and relieve some stress here- ready?

it's not worth getting upset about. seriously.

i was getting so stressed and hurt by certain situations but in the end (and thanks to some really wonderful people surrounding me) i learned that its not AT ALL worth it. know why? because your wedding day and the engagement leading up to it is about you and the person you love committing your lives to each other in this one beautiful act. and that needs to be your focus-getting through all of the challenges that may come your way throughout the wedding planning to get to marry your best friend

so whatever you do, try your hardest to not let it affect you and just enjoy the planning/engagement process because you'll only get it once.
have fun with it!- and i promise you, everything WILL come together beautifully.

i'm sure lots of you out there are getting married this summer and i hope this helped to ease your stress for the holiday weekend and your upcoming day!
have a fun fourth filled with budweiser, barbecues and fireworks!

ps-don't forget to stop by loveandlavender on monday to read my guest post/see some more pictures of our wedding! ;)

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  1. Great advice, thanks lovely :) xx

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