Monday, November 7, 2011

today is the day.

alright my beautiful readers.
today is the day. i will no longer be posting on this blog o mine via blogspot.
i'm kind of emotional about it.
i remember when i started this blog at the beginning of our engagement and it has carried me so far in the last 2 years of blogging.

thank you for all of the support, comments and encouragement.
i would love it if you all would continue to follow me at my new blog on my new website.
you can find it at
there you will continue to find monday delights, real weddings, fashion fridays, DIY projects and all the other goodies in between.

blogspot. you have been good to me.

happy monday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

L&L wedding: riley and kimberly.

back in august i got to finally see this amazing affair come together
i spent the last year working with kimberly to plan and design her big day
kimberly and riley are two incredible people who were beside themselves to get to spend the rest of their lives together.
their theme was trees and bringing the outdoors indoors.
their venue was the turnhalle room at the tivoli campus in denver, a killer 1800s german opera house turned theater. it was to-die-for. and super reasonable.
i'm sure you'll recognize many of their details from the DIY posting's i did leading
up to their wedding
it was a blast to work with weheartphotography
bride's dress: monique lhullier
florals: L&L and some lovely famihelpers in CO
venue: tivoli turnhalle room

happy friday! have an amazing halloween weekend ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

monday delights: bridal bazaar booth.

here she is. my bridal bazaar booth.
i am thrilled with how she turned out.
whaddya think?

bridal bazaar was surreal.
so many cool vendors to connect with
photobooths, caterers, pastries, etc.
and some truly lovely brides i'm hoping to hear from soon.

we gave away old medicinal bottles filled with florals for brides to enter a raffle
passed out my oh-so-fun info sheet made by my talented designer.
and fed brides ring-pops and starbursts. mmm.

such a good experience. 
next up, sharing photos from kimberly and riley's wedding
and from esther and brendan's engagement shoot.
annnnd the unveiling of my new, re-vamped, b.a. website. (via alexandria)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


oh my heavens
i have been oh so absent from this blog lately.
let me explain-
you see, i have been working diligently preparing for bridal bazaar which is TOMORROW
at the del mar fairgrounds.
there will be over 1000 couples there and lots of san diego area vendors
i am beyond excited.

also, i am revamping my website!! as you may have noticed, its been under construction for a while now.
but its going to be back THIS WEEK and better than ever.
one of the BIGGEST changes is that the blog will be moving over to my new website!
i hope you will all follow me over there where you can find the weddings i've done, recent ones i am doing, DIY projects and tales of my day-to-day life as a wife and wedding planner extraordinaire (well, trying to be)

lastly, be checking on SMP soon for a feature in their california vendor section on laceandlikes and a fancy new advertisement ;)

remember starting monday, go to for the blog and all other info
and i'll be sharing more photos and DIY how-tos and projects i did for bridal bazaar!!!
for now, here's a sneak preview from my set up today:

Monday, October 10, 2011

monday delights.

happy monday
hope you're enjoying this columbus day off
remember to thank him for sailing the ocean blue
enjoy these pretty things and have a great week!

via (citified)

 so inspired by this for E&B's wedding
via (pinterest)

obsessed with this wall/pantry sitch

 shades. shoes. skirt
via (surlaliste)

stunning bride, spectacular wedding 
via (SMP)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


after a hectic personal week, i'm back. thank you for all of your support and prayers.
they were greatly appreciated.
it never ceases to amaze me how loving/encouraging the blogging community is.
you are all so incredible, thank you again.

in more exciting news, there is a new addition to the L&L team, my lovely intern danielle!

danielle is a FIDM student who is hoping to end up doing event planning in the future. she has already helped me so much! read below to get to know her a little better:

Choose 3 words to describe yourself..

Creative, independent, simple.

Your day starts with, and ends with...

My day starts with a paw to my face from my dog, Ellie.  And ends with good TV show with my family and of course a paw or two in my face again.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be BORA BORA. I’ve decided this is my honeymoon spot REGARDLESS of what my husband wants, to be secluded in such a wonderful place surrounded by crystal clear water and not a worry in the world sounds like true bliss to me.

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

If I could be any animal I would be a butterfly, they have such an amazing beauty about them they are so graceful and elegant. Not to mention they can fly, how cool would that be!
They also remind me of being free, and that’s all I want to be is free with out a care in the world!

If you could live in another decade, which would it be?

Definitely the 1950’s
The era that girls kicked some butt! I would love to be apart of that and see how many women changed the course of history! Not only that but being a flapper would be tons of fun! J

A favorite do-it-yourself project of yours ;)

A DIY project I am in love with right now is using lace and making candleholders out of them, I have yet to make them but I love love love this idea! So simple yet so beautiful.

Your favorite fashion trend right now 
Hmm… I would have to say im in love with watches right now. Not sure I could actually tell the time on them (ha-ha dang digital clocks taking over) but I love how they can complete and outfit! So cute! 

Your dream wedding idea/style..

My dream wedding would be elegant yet simple and of course surrounded with the love of my dear family and future husband. That’s pretty much all I would need on that day, I change my mind so much its hard for me to plan my wedding right now. All I know is I want an OPEN BAR! And a good time with the family and enjoying the love J

you'll be seeing plenty more of danielle as she helps me with DIY projects, prep for Bridal Bazaar and the upcoming weddings I have! 

happy tuesday!


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